What You Need:

  1. A broadband internet connection such as high-speed cable from your local cable company or DSL from your local phone company.
  2. An active account with
  3. An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

How It Works:

Once you have signed up with, we will ship you an ATA (analog telephone adapter).  You connect this device to your broadband internet, plug in your normal touch-tone phone, and then plug in the power cord to the ATA.  Connecting the ATA to the power last, is very important.  Always connect the power to the ATA AFTER you have connected your internet.

Within a minute or two, the ATA will “shake hands” with our server and you should have a dial tone.  From this dial tone, you can dial anywhere in the US and Canada, no limits, no surprises.

Optional Equipment:

1. Cable / DSL Router - in order to simultaneously connect a computer and an ATA to your broadband service. (Note: If you have multiple computers already connected on your home / business network, you should have a router already installed).

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