Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000

Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000

Instant Mobility, no more lost calls and crystal clear voice on a device that looks, feels, and operates like a mobile phone.

With the everyday business pressures of keeping pace with customers and competitors, communication is a tool of ever-increasing strategic importance.

WirelessIP5000 is an advanced wireless (IEEE 802.11b) IP phone that allows users to achieve perfect voice communication over an IEEE 802.11b wireless IP network. Not only does the WirelessIP5000 support all of the conveniences and functions of a digital phone, it also perfectly integrates all of the merits and features of analog and IP phones over the data communication system.

WirelessIP5000 provides your own private mobile network for your workplace so you no longer have to miss important calls as you move around your work site. Its compact and light body fits into your pocket, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. It can even be integrated into your existing phone system to provide lower-cost internal and external voice communication.

As voice signals are automatically compressed using audio CODECs, they can be transmitted over a low bandwidth without interference from other data signals. Furthermore, to provide consistent superior voice quality over varying and congested IP network conditions, the WirelessIP5000 is equipped with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technologies such as CODEC negotiation, enhanced jitter buffering technology, and packet delay compensation.

The WirelessIP5000 is a great companion phone for TalkDaddy Service!


The WirelessIP5000 Wireless VoIP phone comes with an 8 Line LCD Display. This phone is ideal for those who want the power and cost efficiencies of VoIP but also love the freedom of wireless. All the commonly used features needed for day-to-day business are accessible directly from the phone such as:

Technical Specifications

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