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You must read and understand the limitations on 911 Emergency Calling. BY ACTIVATING AND PURCHASING TALKBUG VOIP SERVICE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO THE LIMITATIONS OF 911 EMERGENCY CALLING WHILE USING TALKBUG VOIP SERVICE. MOREOVER, YOU AGREE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN TALKBUG 911 EMERGENCY CALLING AND TRADITIONAL 911 OR E911 EMERGECY CALLING. You agree to notify guests, employees, residents, customers or any other person located in the general area of your VOIP phone(s) of these differences and limitations. You further agree to label your VOIP phone indicating that 911 service may not be available. TALKBUG RECOMMENDS THAT YOU KEEP AN ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF ACCESSING 911 EMERGENCY SERVICES SUCH AS A TRADITIONAL PHONE LINE OR CELL PHONE.

TalkBug 911 Emergency Calling service is not available in all areas. To start this service, where available, you must provide us with the physical location of your telephone adaptor. A post office box will not suffice. You can provide this location information on our company website at www.talkbug.com under the “911 Information” link, or you can email this information to us at help@talkbug.com.

If you fail to provide us with this correct location information, you will not have 911 Emergency Calling service on your TalkBug VOIP phone. You agree to and acknowledge this limitation. 911 Emergency Calling service will not be activated on your account until you receive notice from us or our agent, via email or some other means, that the 911 Emergency Calling service has been successfully activated on your account, and you acknowledge and agree to this limitation.

You also agree to provide us with the current physical address of your telephone adaptor. If you provide us with an inaccurate physical address, your 911 Emergency Calling service will be misdirected and thus, ineffective. If you move your telephone adapter to a new location, either permanently or temporarily, you must immediately change your telephone adapter service address by calling us at 866.443.7878, or extension 230 on your VOIP phone, during central time USA business hours. The new location information will not be effective until you receive notification that the change has been confirmed. We will notify you via email or postal mail.

Enhanced 911 Service: In certain areas of the United States, enhanced 911 service is available. Where this service is available, your location and call back number will be automatically provided to the 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) or emergency operator. If the location information of your telephone adapter is incorrect or out of date, the emergency personnel will be dispatched to the wrong address thus rendering their service ineffective to you. Thus, it is imperative that you keep an up to date location address on file with us at all times. You agree and acknowledge this condition.

Basic 911 Service: In certain other areas of the United States, enhanced 911 service is unavailable. In these areas, TalkBug will NOT be able to transmit your location information to the PSAP or emergency operator or they may not be able to read or comprehend this information. In these instances, you, the caller, will be required to provide your location and call back information directly to the PSAP or emergency operator. Thus, if you, the caller, are unable to provide the call back number or location information in sufficient detail, the emergency dispatcher may not be able to direct aid to the proper location. You agree to and acknowledge this limitation.

911 Service Limitations: Unlike traditional 911 Emergency Calling, TalkBug VOIP 911 Emergency Calling service will not function at all if there is a power outage, an internet service outage, or any suspension of our VOIP service to you. Any of these outages, for technical reasons, my require you to reset or reconfigure your telephone adapter before our service, including 911 Emergency Calling, will be restored to you. In the case of local disasters, you may experience more busy signals, longer wait times, more call failures with TalkBug 911 service than with traditional 911 service.

Acknowledgement: You understand and acknowledge that TalkBug 911 Emergency Calling service is different from traditional 911 service. Because of these differences, our 911 Emergency Calling service may not be appropriate for you. You agree that you are in the best position to evaluate your need for emergency calling service and to decide which combination of technology can best meet that need. You further agree that you are responsible for deciding if maintaining a backup system of 911 access, such as a cell phone or traditional telephone, would be suitable for you.

Suspension of Your Account:You acknowledge and understand that a TalkBug service outage, due to billing or other issues, will preclude all TalkBug service, including TalkBug 911 Emergency Calling.

Indemnification: You acknowledge and understand that TalkBug will not be liable for any service outage and/or inability to dial 911 using our service or to access emergency personnel due to the characteristics and limitations of the TalkBug VOIP service. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless TalkBug, its managers, officers, members, employees, directors, affiliates, and agents and any other service providers who furnish service to you in connection with the TalkBug VOIP service, from any and all claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney fees) by, or on behalf of, you, or any third party user of our service relating to the failure or outage of our service, including our service relating to 911 Emergency Calling.

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